Our Estate Sale of this Weekend!

SATURDAY August 24: 9 am to 3 pm
SUNDAY August 25: 10 am to 2 pm

> 1 Sagamore Street, Plymouth, 02360

Large single family home loaded with Antiques, collectibles, military items, vintage toys, tools and more. Contents include: skiff with motor, wicker furniture, advertising signs, Army, Air Force, Boy Scout memorabilia, flat screen tv, vintage toys, vintage electronics, 8mm projector, painted table, oriental and braided rugs, ac units, oval table with 4 chairs, maple drop leaf table, occasional chairs and tables, hutch, coffee table, desk, clarinet, lamps, vacs, fireplace items, baskets, queen beds, brass bed, triple dresser, mirrors, tall chest, loads of linens, antique dresser, ephemera, baby clothes, books, glassware and China, kitchenware, cookware, small appliances, bikes, electric lawn mower, landscaping supplies, sporting equipment, vintage skis, hand and power tools, ladders, clam rakes and much more.

Get off at exit 6 and head towards plymouth center. You will be on Samoset street. At 2nd light take a right onto Court Street. Go through town and at next light take a right at town square and Market Street. Continue straight over bridge and take sharp right onto Robinson street then next left onto Sagamore street.

Please park carefully on one side of road only and be respectful of neighbors' property.
Do not block driveways, mailboxes or fire hydrants. At this time, we are unable to sell items or respond to pricing questions prior to the date/time of the sale nor on the sale weekend.
All merchandise is offered first come, first serve. NO EARLY BIRDS please. Thank You!

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